About Us

At Iron Chem, we embark on a transformative journey to fuel the vitality of fitness enthusiasts.
Our mission is to redefine the fitness experience by delivering premium products that inspire, support, and elevate individuals on their path to peak health and strength.

Meet Charles Anderson Jr., the driving force propelling Iron Chem to new heights.
A former bodybuilding competitor and supplement specialist from Madison, Ohio, Charles infuses our brand with his passion for fitness and a wealth of knowledge in crafting supplements that go beyond the ordinary.

His unwavering commitment to excellence sets the standard for everything we do.

As the Vice President of Iron Chem, Aubrey Homant brings a dynamic blend of expertise as a bikini/figure bodybuilder and diet coach. Hailing from Albany, GA, Aubrey's dedication to a holistic approach to wellness is reflected in every product we offer. Her commitment to empowering individuals to embrace a balanced and healthy lifestyle is at the core of our brand ethos.